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Read more about our 2021/2022 Annual Report.

Highlights from 2021/2022

The release of our Spotlight On report on Hot Water Embedded Networks led to our expertise being sought by the NSW Office of Energy and Climate Change, AER, Channel 10 News and NSW Legislative Assembly committee.

Through our systemic issues work we identified complaints where we believed Origin Energy actions were at odds with the AER’s Hardship Guideline. Following an AER investigation, the Federal Court ordered Origin Energy to pay a record $17 million penalty for breaching laws and regulations designed to protect customers in financial difficulty. Without our complaint handling and systemic issues work, this may not have been identified and brought to the attention of the AER.

We progressed our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan by introducing Cultural Protocols training for new employees and prioritising purchasing EWON’s collateral through Aboriginal-owned businesses. We also engaged Mirri Mirri, an Aboriginal-owned cultural awareness training provider to educate all EWON staff and Board members.

Past reports

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