The release of our Spotlight On report on Hot water embedded networks in March 2021 led to the following thought leadership initiatives.

  • EWON hosted a second workshop in August 2021 with key regulatory and government stakeholders discussing solutions for hot water embedded networks.
  • The NSW Office of Energy and Climate Change energy consumer consultation paper issues included our report raised about hot water embedded networks. The paper proposed a solution that had been developed at our workshop. Our submission strongly supported this proposal to treat the sale of hot water as the sale of energy.
  • The AER specifically consulted EWON on the issues the report raised in relation to the exempt selling guideline, exempt network guideline and authorisation and exemption framework.
  • Channel 10 News used our report as a resource and included an interview with the Ombudsman in a three-minute news story about hot water embedded networks in March 2022.
  • A NSW Legislative Assembly committee initiated an inquiry into law and safety in embedded networks in May 2022, specifically consulting with EWON in June 2022.

EWON will continue this work in 2022/2023 by responding to the Legislative Assembly Committee on Law and Safety inquiry and through our continual identification of unresolved consumer issues in the embedded network industry.

EWON Annual Report 2021/2022 interactive dashboard and highlights